Elite Hail Systems COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update

Our Elite Hail Systems family wishes you well. Many believe it is more important than ever to be wise with your finances. We’d like to help you recover thousands of dollars in value lost to hail damage – at no cost to you.

We are available to help during business hours, by appointment, and by phone or online chat for extended hours.

We will work with you to minimize contact and help you to safely take care of your vehicle and remove the risk of pre-existing damage. If you’re facing bad timing with a lease return, or simply want to get this issue handled while you have the time… we’re still here to help. Free virtual consultation is available.

At this time we are offering to pay your deductible up to $1,000. We can also arrange for pick-up and delivery of your vehicle, and/or provide a free rental car so you have transportation while yours is being repaired.

Cost-free and hassle-free, we are committed to doing anything we can to assist. Reach out today. Above all, be safe, and keep looking up!

Keep going.
There’s light at the end.