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Introducing a revolutionary way to protect your beautiful ride, keep it nice, and retain the value of your investment. Take a peek at the benefits you can take advantage of. Reach out anytime with questions.

Elite Hail Systems is helping you keep your ride more gorgeous, and more valuable... for more longer.

Dent-Free Plus Plan Benefits:

We're DOING AWAY with your Dents, Dings, & Deductibles!

Questions? Give us a quick call... or go ahead and tap that blue "speech bubble" in the lower right corner for live chat right now! (Ok, we confess... sleep is good. If it's the middle of the night or Sunday, you might not see the bubble. 

Hail Protection Benefits:

  • 1
    Priority Service
  • 2
    Waived Deductible
  • 3
    Rental Car
  • 4
    Concierge Service

 Priority Service 

When the first hailstorm hits, area shops begin to fill up quickly. If you get hit in the second storm... you may find yourself facing a months-long wait for your repair.

While you're waiting, you have thousands of dollars in pre-existing damage; and you are at enormous risk of major loss at any moment.

As a Dent-Free Plus member, you'll jump straight to the front of the line at Elite Hail Systems, quickly recovering your value and eliminating the risk.

2    Deductible

It's bad enough when your gorgeous ride gets pelted with hail... it's scary, it's ugly, you immediately lose a fortune in the value of your vehicle... and now you have to deal with setting things right.

You've paid for your insurance for years, but guess what? Even though it's a "no-fault" claim, they still want $500 or $1,000 from you to cover that deductible!

Club Members don't even have to think about it... we'll pay that for you up to $1,000 and expertly repair your vehicle.

3   Rental Car

Even if you can get in right away, and your deductible is handled... what about transportation while your baby's being restored?

Since you're a member, we're going to make sure you have a nice set of wheels so you can take care of business while we take care of your vehicle.

We'll make sure you don't pay a penny for this... whether you have rental car coverage on your policy or not.

Super-easy is the goal for you... and keep your wallet in your pocket.


4 Concierge Service

Wow. Life is busy... and now THIS? Nobody loves dealing with hail damage... even with those first 3 benefits, who has the time to deal with all the details and brain damage?

WE do, and we'll bend over backwards to make this as easy as possible for you.

We'll file the claim, deal with the insurance, set up your rental... everything. No time to even drop your car off? We'll meet you at the nearest Enterprise and swap cars so you can go about your business.


Beautiful Ride Benefits:

  • 1
    FREE Touch-Ups
  • 2
    Annual DETAIL
  • 3
    Fender-Bender Coverage

1    FREE Touch-Ups

We've all been there many times... some careless character opens his door right into the side of your car. The truck in front of you throws rocks that chip the paint on your bumper and hood. Your belt scratches the paint as you lean inside to grab something.

Ouch! Your beautiful ride! But it's slight, and certainly not worth filing a claim over. So we live with it... and it happens over and over, looking increasingly worse over time and siphoning the value right out of your car.

No More! Unlimited FREE touch-ups of these minor damages.

(a "door ding" is smaller than a credit card)

2     Annual Detail

Since we're taking care of all the dents, dimples, scratches, dings, chips, and general wear and tear issues on the exterior of your vehicle... why not take it one step further and really get that "New Car Feel"?!

Once a year, drop by and we'll provide a nice, basic detail for your vehicle. A good cleaning once in a while keeps everything sharp longer.

Seriously... even without the invaluable hail protection benefits, and dealing with the little "boo-boos" that add up over time, this one benefit alone makes Dent-Free Plus a wise investment!

3  Fender-Benders

Sometimes something a little more significant comes up. It's no fun, but it's life.

If the need arises from an unfortunate minor fender-bender, we will provide body shop repairs at a 20% discount off of retail, up to the amount of your $1,000 or less deductible.

Depending on the severity of the incident, this discount will reduce or often cover the amount of your deductible completely!

Keep your ride sharp, and say good-bye to Dents, Dings, and Deductibles!

Dent-Free Monthly

Dent-Free Annual

Dent-Free 3 Year

Dent-Free 5 Year

12 Month Minimum

1 Year Minimum

3 Year Plan

5 Year Plan

$37 Billed Monthly

$397 Billed Annually

$1080 Billed One Time

$1620 Billed One Time





*  Vehicle inspection and approval required. The plan is intended for nice vehicles with decent value, and is intended to KEEP them nice--not MAKE them nice. If your vehicle already needs significant attention we may be able to whip you into shape for a reasonable fee in order to qualify you for the Dent-Free Plus Plan. Feel free to contact us if you are not certain, or go ahead and sign up for a membership, and we can arrange for an inspection within 2 weeks. If for any reason your vehicle is not approved, of course you will receive a prompt and full refund.

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