Auto hail damage? World-class Paintless dent repair near Austin, Texas

We restore hail damaged vehicles to their full book value for zero dollars.

We’ll go to bat for you with your insurance company, ensuring you get the full restoration you’re entitled to. We’ll cover your deductible and make sure you have a rental vehicle. We’ll have you back on the road before most others can even get you booked right now. Our goal is that you, your car, and your wallet feel like it never happened.

First time hail damage?

Your next few steps could cost or save you thousands! Watch out for five common and expensive mistakes people make with their hail damaged vehicles. View Now ›

Elite Hail Systems is Austin’s obvious choice to fix your car’s hail damage in Greater Austin!

Unrivaled Paintless dent repair

We’re very glad you found us, and we expect you’ll feel the same. Hail is a fact of life in Texas, and there were multiple major hailstorms in the Austin area this year. From Leander through Round Rock and Pflugerville all the way to Elgin, thousands of people are still needing help.

Hail damage can be extremely expensive – to the tune of thousands of dollars out of pocket – if it’s not handled right. We want to step in and make it like it never happened for you.

That means we’ll cover your rental car, and your deductible. You pay nothing out of pocket. See the details of our offer below!

Austin’s Best Paintless Dent Repair Offer

Hail Damage Repair Cost

We fix it fast. We fix it RIGHT. You recover FULL book value. Like it never happened.


  • Forget about your deductible up to $1000 — We don’t want you to have to worry about it. So we’re taking care of it.
  • Get a FREE Rental Vehicle — It wouldn’t be like it never happened if you were without transportation while we got you fixed up. We’re buying you a rental.
  • No Compromise. The BEST Auto Hail Repair — Every lead PDR tech has over 20 years of hail-specific experience.
  • We Got This — If you’re located further away, we can usually meet you at your closest rental car location. We’ll trade you cars and get it handled. Everything from filing the claim to negotiating with insurance and making sure you don’t have to settle for less than a complete restoration of your vehicle.
  • We Hate to do This, but the Clock is Ticking… — If you’re driving around with hail damage, you’re risking having to make a claim with pre-existing damage, creating an insurance catastrophe. We want to handle this for you right away, so that we can minimize your risk and put it all behind you.
Best Auto hail repair in Austin

Austin’s Finest Auto Hail Repair

Auto Hail Damage Always Sucks.

But we’re hoping to put a smile on your face anyway. We hope to make this process so easy for you that it really is like it never happened. Our Elite Hail family cares deeply about our customers and their vehicles. We’ll do you right, it won’t cost you a dime out of pocket, and we’ll even take on the risk of brain damage that comes with dealing with insurance companies.

Book Now to fix your hail damaged car!

If you have any questions or concerns, give us a call! Or you can tap the blue speech bubble in the bottom right to chat live with a real person. If you don’t see the chat bubble, we aren’t available for chat right now. You can still go ahead and book your best time if you want, and we’ll get in touch to confirm everyone’s on the same page.

What We Do To Create Raving Fans:

Photo of Donna Kerlin - Insurance Specialist, and Jimmer Kerlin - Sales
Donna Kerlin
Insurance Specialist
Jimmer Kerlin – Sales
1: Great Staff!

We are the friendliest Hail Pros in Austin. We have a real desire to help you dodge the pitfalls of auto hail damage.

Photo of Robby Searfoss - Owner, CEO World-Renowned PDR Expert
Robby Searfoss
Owner, CEO
World-Renowned PDR Expert
2: Free Wheels

We’ve got you for a rental car so you can still get around while we’re doing our thing. No cost to you, regardless of whether your insurance covers it.

Photo of Tyler Klouser - Eagle-Eyed Estimator
Tyler Klouser
Eagle-Eyed Estimator
3: Immediate Service!

Don’t risk a HUGE loss by driving around with pre-existing damage. You can’t be waiting in lines, we gotta fix this for you NOW!

Photo of Rob Nelson - Co-Owner General Sales Manager
Rob Nelson
Co-Owner, General Sales Manager
4: Nothing from your pocket

We’re eating the costs for you, up to $1000 from your deductible plus a rental car.

Photo of Dan Hollister - Marketing
Dan Hollister
5: We’ll do the Hard Parts

Filing the claim, negotiating a fair price, fixing the damage, and making sure you get what’s right: full restoration.

Photo of Amber Mares - Office and Car Rental Coordinator
Amber Mares
Office and Car Rental Coordinator
6: Full Concierge Service

Maybe we’re out of the way for you? Give us a call, we’ll see what we can do!

5 Costly Hail Damage Mistakes

First Time Hail Damage?

It’s not as simple as you’d think.

The odds are stacked against you.

Check out this free report!

*One mistake can cost you thousands. Arm yourself with some understandings and avoid the landmines!

No opt-in or download required!

How does it work?
Important stuff…

* As you might have guessed, of course we can’t fix the world for free in every situation, and restrictions do apply.

You don’t pay a thing, but your insurance company does. (No, this won’t make your rates go up!)

If you have comprehensive insurance, you’re covered; but if your vehicle is totaled, and in some other situations… sorry, we’ll only be able to help point you in the right direction.

Go ahead and book your appointment right now with the form below “while the gettin’s good!”

When you arrive, we’ll do a 10 minute evaluation, talk a bit, and if we both agree we have a good fit, we’ll ok the deal, and pop over to the nearby rental car location, where we’ll swap you from your car to your rental.

From there, you’re on your way. Maybe an hour-ish, all said and done.

To be confident that no one is wasting their time, check that link in the FAQs below to get a good idea of what a “qualifying situation” is.

Better yet… do you see that blue bubble down on the right? Let’s talk! If it’s there, and there’s no gremlins in the technology… WE’RE RIGHT HERE LIVE to address any questions you might have.

Or just give us a call! Computers are cool, but there’s just something about a good ol’ human being!

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We’re Excited to Turn your “Nightmare from Hail” into a “Blessing in Disguise”.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Look… what you’ve found here is a great group of decent people who honestly want to help you. This is what we do, all day, every day. It isn’t easy, but we have the very best on our team. If something isn’t just right, we’re going to figure it out for you. We’re going to make you a RAVING FAN.


Here are some answers to frequently asked questions…

Does my situation qualify?

You’ll need to have had comprehensive insurance on your vehicle at the time of the damage, of course. Generally speaking, we’re able to work with vehicles valued around 10 grand and up… because hail damage is devastating to your value, and expensive to properly repair, lower valued vehicles are often “totaled” by the insurance company. Unfortunate, but not a situation where we can help. 

There is no hard and fast rule as far as that $10K level or the year of your vehicle. A car worth $7K with light damage might be just fine. On the other hand, a brand new $30,000 ride can easily be totaled by hail.

Also considered is the level of damage. You always want to use PDR (paintless dent repair) when possible, and our techs are the best at getting it perfect and recovering your FULL value.

Fortunately, once we get involved you can rest assured you have someone on your side to deal with insurance issues and make sure you are fairly taken care of. Please be aware that simply following the recommendations of your insurance company is often a devastating mistake. (For YOU, not for THEM!)

Go ahead and take a minute to reach out. We’ve got your back on this.

Will my insurance rates go up?

No. Hail damage is a “no fault” claim… or an “Act of God”, if you will. You cannot be singled out for a rate increase simply for a hail damage claim. You’ve already paid for it, and the money is there in a pool… whether you decide to fix your car or not. Might as well get what’s yours!

Sounds too good to be true… are you guys legit?

We agree. It’s hard for a lot of people to believe what we’re able to do for you. Rest assured, Elite Hail Systems is not some temporary hail tent thrown up on the corner. We are definitely “the Real Deal.” We are accredited with the BBB, maintain an A+ rating, and you’ll find tons of 5 star reviews online. There’s no one better, and we’d love to help you out.

Our Austin-based facility is over 20,000 square feet. Our lead technicians have each been in the business for over twenty years. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer top quality while making the process easy and worry free.

Elite Hail Systems has served the Denver Colorado area since January 2018. During that time we’ve earned many awards and recommendations, including “Best of the Best” accolades in 13 cities, and being named “Colorado’s Own Experts”, in addition to many others.

Reach out right now, and let’s get this thing handled for you.

What areas do you serve?

While our operation is in located in the Burnet Road Business Park in Austin, we are happy to serve the entire Greater Austin area and those nearby. This includes Pflugerville, Georgetown, Round Rock, Buda, Cedar Park, Elgin, Leander, San Marcos, Taylor, and more. Even if you’re further out, like in the San Antonio area, we might be able to work with you. Give us a call!

If you are in the Texas Panhandle, check out our Amarillo location. Regardless of where you live or where your vehicle was hit, if you have damage on your car that can be fixed with Paintless dent repair (PDR), we’d love to try and help.

Do you work with my insurance company?

Yes. We work with all insurance companies. We not only work with them, but we are happy to file your claim, negotiate, and handle all the brain damage to make sure you get what you’re entitled to.

We make this whole thing super-easy. We get it absolutely right, and you don’t pay a dime. (Unless you have a HUGE deductible over $1000.)

Our objective is to turn you into a RAVING FAN. Let’s do this thing!

How long will this take?

The entire process may take a good 2 or 3 weeks. Sometimes it’s much quicker if your insurance company is on the ball with their part of things.

We first bring your vehicle into our shop, where every piece, part and panel is examined under special hail lights to make all the near-invisible damage spring to life. Then we can get an accurate measure of the damage and get the numbers right with your insurance. You don’t just want it looking good… you want ALL your value put back in your savings account. Once presented with the documentation, your adjuster will ok the repair, at which point we can get to work.

From the time of the approval, turnaround does depend on the level of damage that has to be dealt with on your car, and how busy we are. Typically, we’re looking at 7-10 business days. We try to reach out once or twice along the way to let you know how we’re progressing, and you’re more than welcome to reach out at any time through the process for an update.

Basically, you’ll take an hour or so, depending on travel… and start the ball rolling when you come in for your appointment. Then life happens, and before you realize it you’re driving what feels like a brand new car again. You recover the full value of your ride, and no longer have to worry about the risk of losing $8,000 or so at any moment because of the pre-existing damage.

No time like the present… reach out, and let’s get this thing done for you.

Stop messing with my head. What’s this really going to cost?

Yeah. That would be one of the tougher parts of things… getting past the knee-jerk reactions from too many years of too many nightmare situations and too many stories about too many less than scrupulous operations. We get it.

At the end of the day, though… unless your deductible is higher than $1,000… YOU PAY ZERO. And we really get it right. No tricks. No games. Unlike an insurance company’s “Preferred Vendors”, (which we refuse to become)… We’re truly “on your side”. It makes all the difference.

There’s really too much at stake here to just toss up a “Hail Mary” and hope for the best. The most reliable play? Just give us the ball and we’ll run with it. You’ll be very happy.

    5 star review  Elite Hail Systems has an amazing team of talented professionals. Donna and Jimmer are such nice, genuinely caring people. They helped me with the ENTIRE process! My Civic had numerous dents due to a hail storm. I was amazed at how easy the process was and how fast my car was fixed and it looked brand new again! They truly are the BEST shop hands down that I’ve ever Dealt with!! I definitely know I’ll be coming back and sending all my friends and family here. Thank you All!

    thumb Sheri Marie
    April 22, 2019

    5 star review  Great experience! Very professional and fast service. They did a great job getting the hail damage out of my F150!

    thumb TMB
    January 20, 2019

    5 star review  I have lived in Colorado all of my life, but have been one of the few lucky enough to avoid hail damage to my car until recently. After doing my research, I decided to give Elite a try...and I am so glad that I did! Elite is an impressive company-all the way around-which is a rare gem to find. My insurance was horrendous, and messed up several portions of managing my claim, but Elite was in my corner throughout the whole process, from giving me the time I needed to decide what to do (without any pressure), to talking me off the ledge when insurance was overwhelming. The entire staff is kind, professional, and compassionate. Donna was particularly wonderful and far more helpful than insurance in helping me weigh my options. The work done on my vehicle was immaculate. I have received several compliments that it looks like a brand new car. I could not be more pleased or impressed with my experience, and I HIGHLY recommend using Elite for repairs. From start to finish, they are phenomenal.

    thumb Alexandrea Everson
    November 25, 2019

    5 star review  Elite Hail did an awesome job on my car! Tyler was the one that helped me through it all! Whenever I needed an update I would give him a text and he would always give me a response! On top of that I was given a rental that they paid for. What great customer service they have! 10/10 would recommend!

    thumb Lindsey Nguyen
    May 8, 2019

    5 star review  Moving forward, Elite Hail Systems will be my go to if I find myself with more hail damage. I can not say enough good things about my experience and the top notch service! They knocked it out of the park. They were honest, timely, respectful, and very meticulous with the work. Thanks again!

    thumb Max Dahl
    March 6, 2019
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5 Costly Hail Damage Mistakes
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By all means, we hope you’ll dig into all the reviews you find about Elite Hail Systems Austin. The more you hear the better you’ll feel about us. Elite is the REAL DEAL for repairing hail damage in or near Austin, Texas. We have your back when you need Paintless dent repair (PDR).