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Sterling got crushed in the May 17 Hail Storm! Sadly, there's a lot of damage, and limited help available. We've been holding our breath until our page turns blue... hoping you would find us. We think you're about to be very happy you did. You won't believe what you're going to discover about hail repair and how we can help you out with this. Come on in!  

Let's Face it. The Need for Hail Repair on your Car or Truck is Scary From the Get-Go...

But we aim to put a smile on your face over this. You won't believe what you're about to find... yes, we're the trusted Denver area shop, but we've rolled up our sleeves and are ready to help Sterling Colorado's awesome people get this taken care of. We'll make it FREE, and super-easy for you!

Our Auto Hail Repair Special Will Make You Smile!


Get it Fixed Fast. Get it Fixed RIGHT... so You Recover your FULL Book Value


  • Up to $1,000 Deductible WAIVED
  • FREE Rental Car
  • Expert Hail Repair
  • A-Z Concierge Service
  • FREE Wash and Vac
  • Immediate Availability

* We know not everyone can just pop over to Denver to handle this! We also know Sterling simply isn't equipped to seamlessly handle damage of this magnitude. Elite's friendly family is prepared to help you tackle the logistics and get this taken care of as easily as possible. You're going to be very happy.

Limited Time Auto Hail Damage Repair Special

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Questions? Give us a quick call... or go ahead and tap that blue "speech bubble" in the lower right corner for live chat right now! (Ok, we confess... sleep is good. If it's the middle of the night or Sunday, you might not see the bubble. But go ahead and book online... we'll call to confirm we're on the same page.)

Donna Kerlin - Office Manager

Jimmer Kerlin - QC Manager

How we create raving fans: 1

Cool People!

We are Colorado's Friendliest Hail Pros. Real people with a real desire to help, and make it easy for you.

Rob Nelson - Co-Owner

General Sales Manager

How we create raving fans: 2

No Deductible!

We'll take our giant eraser and rub out the part where you pay. We'll EAT that cost for you up to $1000.

Robby Searfoss - Co-Owner

World-Renowned PDR Expert

How we create raving fans: 3

Free Rental Car!

You'll want wheels while we fix yours... and you'll pay ZERO, whether your insurance covers it or not. We got this.

Dan Hollister

Marketing & Resident Bum

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Hassle Free!

Concierge Service - We'll file your claim, deal with the insurance headaches, and make sure you get what you're entitled to.

Tyler Klouser

Eagle-Eyed Estimator

How we create raving fans: 5

No Waiting!

You are driving around risking a LOSS OF THOUSANDS due to pre-existing damage. Let's fix it NOW!

Amber Mares

Office - Staff Babysitter 

How we create raving fans: 6

The Extra Mile!

Concierge Service - A bit inconvenient or far away? No worries, we'll help!

5 Costly Hail Damage Mistakes

First Time Hail Damage? Not quite ready to book your appointment? Grab this FREE Report!

One mistake can cost you thousands. Arm yourself with some understandings and avoid the landmines!

Love what you're seeing but you just need some more details? No problem. Just hit chat, or give us a call! Or, feel free to CLICK HERE for further explanation of how this works, if you qualify, FAQs, map, reviews... all kinds of fun! The more you check us out, the better you'll feel. Elite Hail Systems is not just the REAL DEAL for auto hail damage repair in the Denver area... whether it's Paintless Dent Repair (PDR), or full body shop services you need, we've truly 'got your back' on this.

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