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Elite Hail Systems is Colorado's Obvious Choice for Hail Repair in Denver and The Front Range... and an unexpected hero for Sterling!

Oh man... Sterling got crushed AGAIN! Sadly, there's a lot of damage, and limited help available. We think you're about to be very happy you found us. Come on in! We'd like to work our magic for you... so it's like this never happened.

And we'd like to do it for FREE... CHECK IT OUT!

Our Sterling Auto Hail Repair Offer Will Make You Smile!

Colorado's Best Auto Hail Repair

Colorado's Best Auto Hail Damage Repair

Let's Face it. Hail Damage on your Car or Truck is Just Not Fun...

But we aim to put a smile on your face over this. Our Elite Hail family will get this absolutely right for you. No brain damage. No out-of-pocket expense.

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Donna Kerlin - Insurance Specialist

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Cool People!

We are Colorado's Friendliest Hail Pros. Real people with a real desire to help, and make it easy for you.

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No Deductible!

We'll take our giant eraser and rub out the part where you pay. We'll EAT that cost for you up to $1000.

Robby Searfoss - Owner, CEO

World-Renowned PDR Expert

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Free Rental Car!

You'll want wheels while we fix yours... and you'll pay ZERO, whether your insurance covers it or not. We got this.

Dan Hollister


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Hassle Free!

Concierge Service - We'll file your claim, deal with the insurance headaches, and make sure you get what you're entitled to.

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No Waiting!

You are driving around risking a LOSS OF THOUSANDS due to pre-existing damage. Let's fix it NOW!

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The Extra Mile!

Concierge Service - A bit inconvenient or far away? No worries, we'll help!

5 Costly Hail Damage Mistakes

First Time Hail Damage? 

It's not as simple as you'd think.

The odds are stacked against you.

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*One mistake can cost you thousands. Arm yourself with some understandings and avoid the landmines!

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* As you might have guessed, of course we can't fix the world for free in every situation, and restrictions do apply. You don't pay a thing, but your insurance company does. (No, this won't make your rates go up!) If you have comprehensive insurance, you're covered; but if your vehicle is totaled, and in some other situations... sorry, we'll only be able to help point you in the right direction.

Go ahead and book your appointment right now from the link below "while the gettin's good!"

When you arrive, we'll do a 10 minute evaluation, talk a bit, and if we both agree we have a good fit, we'll ok the deal, and pop over to the nearby Enterprise, where we'll swap you from your car to your rental. From there, you're on your way. Maybe an hour-ish, all said and done. To be confident that no one is wasting their time, check that link in the FAQs below to get a good idea of what a "qualifying situation" is. Better yet... do you see that blue bubble down on the right? Let's talk! If it's there, and there's no gremlins in the technology... WE'RE RIGHT HERE LIVE to address any questions you might have. Or just give us a call! Computers are cool, but there's just something about a good ol' human being!


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Look... what you've found here is a great group of decent people who honestly want to help you. This is what we do, all day, every day. It isn't easy, but we have the very best on our team. If something isn't just right, we're going to figure it out you. We're going to make you a RAVING FAN.


Here are some common questions...

Does my situation qualify?

Sounds too good to be true... are you guys legit?

Will my insurance rates go up?

Do you work with my insurance company?

How long will this take?

Stop messing with my head. What's this really going to cost?

    review rating 5  I had the best experience with Elite Hail Systems. Dan Hollister was absolutely fabulous. He made my experience as easy as possible. He went out of his way to accommodate me with everything including my wonderful rental car. I would recommend this great company to everyone.

    thumb Vikki de Vries

    review rating 5  My car looks brand new after my car was dealt around 9k of damage. Everything was done very quickly as well, finishing within the timeline that they gave me. Everyone was very helpful, especially Connor. Connor reached out to me and made sure I was up to date on the process daily. Would recommend this company to anyone that needs work done.

    thumb Seth Hanson

    review rating 5  Very professional and courteous team. Covered my deductible and drove me to enterprise for my complimentary rental. The repair time was not long at all considering how many hail damaged cars they had before me. Cannot recommend this place enough. Keep up the great work!

    thumb Igor Richmond

    review rating 5  Excellent Service!! 10/10 recommend , super easy to handle business with Elite Hail Systems, everything was taken care of for me, even got a rental car while my car was being repaired. I received a note with only a phone number to call that was left on my window. I called the number and spoke with Cameron, he was such a pleasant person to work with he made me feel very confident in the proposition that was being presented to me. I own a 2018 Mercedes Benz and the work done to it was perfect, my car looks like new after driving it around with hail damage. Now my car is hail damage free thanks to Elite Hail Systems!

    thumb Jenn Montano

    review rating 5  I had an excellent experience with Elite Hail Systems. I had hail damage repaired by another company a while back and the job was not done well. The clear coat on the hood started to bubble and peel—it looked awful. I took the car into Elite and they were able to fix everything and exceeded my expectations. The hood looks as good as new! Staff were courteous and friendly. I highly recommend Elite to anyone looking for high quality work, timely delivery of services, and superior customer service. I will be giving them my dent repair business exclusively from now on. They earned a customer for life!

    thumb T. J. Westphal
Castlerock Colorado Hail Repair

Elite Hail Systems

1033 W Dartmouth Ave

Englewood, CO 80110

(303) 284-8651

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5 Costly Hail Damage Mistakes
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The more you check us out, the better you'll feel. Elite Hail Systems is the REAL DEAL for auto hail damage repair in the Denver area... whether it's Paintless Dent Repair (PDR), or full body shop services you need, we've truly 'got your back' on this.

Is Elite Hail Repair Near Me? We'll make it super-easy for you even if we're not right next door!

Elite Hail Systems is Happy to Serve the Following Colorado Cities and Communities with the Highest Quality Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) and Automotive Hail Damage Repair Available

Denver, Englewood, Commerce City, Westminster, Aurora, Wheat Ridge, Dupont, Arvada, Henderson, Eastlake, Littleton, Thornton, Broomfield, Brighton, Golden, Idledale, Louisville, Morrison, Lone Tree, Indian Hills, Boulder, Lafayette, Kittredge, Watkins, Eldorado Springs, Erie, Dacono, Louviers, Evergreen, Highlands Ranch, Sheridan, Glendale, Superior, Greenwood Village, Centennial, Parker, Frederick, Castle Rock, Firestone, Fort Lupton, Niwot, Pinecliffe, Conifer, Northglenn, Federal Heights, Longmont, Hudson, Black Hawk, Bennett, Pine, Hygiene, Central City, Mead, Nederland, Jamestown, Buffalo Creek, Rollinsville, Elizabeth, Platteville, Dumont, Franktown, Keenesburg, Ward, Sedalia, Berthoud, Gilcrest, Strasburg, Idaho Springs, Larkspur, La Salle, Johnstown, Shawnee, Milliken, Kiowa, Silver Plume, Lyons, Bailey, Loveland, Allenspark, Empire, Evans, Greeley, Grant, Roggen, Palmer Lake, Fraser, Monument, Byers, Windsor, Elbert, Woodland Park, Tabernash, Granby, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, Castle Pines, and more, including the following zip codes:

80266, 80205, 80216, 80294, 80202, 80265, 80293, 80290, 80264, 80201, 80217, 80243, 80244, 80248, 80250, 80251, 80256, 80257, 80259, 80261, 80263, 80271, 80273, 80274, 80281, 80291, 80299, 80211, 80218, 80203, 80206, 80207, 80262, 80204, 80221, 80220, 80037, 80212, 80209, 80238, 80246, 80036, 80030, 80230, 80035, 80229, 80040, 80223, 80034, 80024, 80214, 80219, 80003, 80208, 80010, 80210, 80224, 80001, 80006, 80260, 80047, 80247, 80222, 80002, 80045, 80041, 80033, 80239, 80226, 80042, 80231, 80215, 80012, 80031, 80150, 80151, 80155, 80232, 80110, 80640, 80225, 80004, 80113, 80233, 80236, 80237, 80046, 80005, 80234, 80011, 80014, 80044, 80614, 80121, 80235, 80241, 80227, 80017, 80160, 80161, 80165, 80166, 80228, 80111, 80020, 80123, 80038, 80120, 80022, 80021, 80122, 80162, 80602, 80013, 80402, 80419, 80007, 80019, 80023, 80249, 80015, 80601, 80128, 80401, 80112, 80129, 80163, 80130, 80453, 80027, 80126, 80018, 80465, 80124, 80016, 80603, 80454, 80303, 80026, 80127, 80457, 80137, 80025, 80125, 80516, 80514, 80131, 80305, 80437, 80134, 80309, 80301, 80530, 80306, 80307, 80308, 80310, 80314, 80108, 80520, 80138, 80403, 80621, 80439, 80544, 80304, 80471, 80433, 80504, 80642, 80109, 80502, 80501, 80422, 80302, 80102, 80470, 80503, 80533, 80427, 80542, 80466, 80455, 80425, 80104, 80474, 80107, 80651, 80436, 80116, 80643, 80481, 80135, 80513, 80623, 80136, 80452, 80118, 80645, 80534, 80475, 80543, 80117, 80476, 80540, 80421, 80537, 80510, 80482, 80438, 80444, 80539, 80620, 80634, 80448, 80652, 80133, 80639, 80442, 80632, 80633, 80638, 80132, 80103, 80631, 80550, 80106, 80866, 80478, 80446, 80551, 80528, 80921

Tight Schedule, or a ways off? We'll come to you! Pick-up and delivery, or, if you need a rental car provided while we repair yours, we can arrange to meet you at the Enterprise car rental nearest your location, and take care of everything from there! You deserve the best... as do your car and your wallet. Reach out to Elite Hail Systems today. Colorado's obvious choice when you've been through hail.

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Elite Hail Systems

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